Amazon Tropicals®  (formerly Aquatic Enterprises) is a tropical fish hatchery supplying quality angelfish and discus for the wholesale market in the Midwest for more than 25 years.  After a hiatus from commercial breeding, we are scaling back and focusing on producing a few exceptional quality fish, which we are now offering to the public.  

                            Varieties we are currently working with:


Orange Koi                                              Sunset Blushing                                     

Blue Platinum                                           Blue Panda

Double Dark Black                                    PB Ghost

Philippine Blue                                          PB Clown

German Blue                                             Gold Marble

High Coverage Orange Koi                         Orange Sunset

Paraiba                                                     Blue Zebra

Rainbow Paraiba                                       Blue Leopard


Checkerboard Red Dragon

Leopard Snakeskin

Red Marlboro

Blue Diamond

Red Spotted Leopard 

 For current availability, please email

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